Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) helps keep your machinery and equipment in reliable working order. But does a TPM implementation plan look like in practice And which steps should you take to integrate this methodology into your existing operational and maintenance procedures.
  • Share your plans with your entire organization.
  • Identify suitable systems, machinery, or processes.
  • Get equipment into optimal working condition.
  • Measure overall equipment effectiveness.
  • Identify main losses.
  • Introduce a proactive maintenance program.
  • Embed TPM.

Results Analysis

Implementing TPM successfully relies fully on having a solid step-by-step action plan in place. First, identify where the problems lie and then determine the best solutions. Next, introduce a proactive maintenance program to improve productivity and processes.

If all goes to plan, you will soon start noticing you are experiencing less downtime, fewer productivity fluctuations, and lower maintenance costs