Bellows Design Software

Software- Bellows Design

Our product the METAL BELLOWS DESIGNS is only of its kind in the global market which has been specially developed to cater to the design analysis of the expandable metal bellows / joints design. This software has been developed as a standard / customized package complying with the standards of both EJMA 10 th edition And ASME Sec VIII Div 1 2017 Appendix 26 for Bellows Design. The design offers excellent flexibility in terms of selecting the material and calculating design data for the metal bellows.
  • All material properties are integrated along with this package. It is easily adaptable to the various raw material properties based on customer need.
  • Selection of Materials vis-a-vis to working temperature and design pressure is computed by using the Material property values which is retrieved from the material Property tables.
  • User friendly unit conversion facility which can be adapted based on the raw material which is intended for Metric and imperial availability
  • Based on customer requirement, Design calculation can be made as per EJMA 10th Edition standard and ASME.
  • Flexibility in changing the Mechanical Properties Table values for any materials during Design calculations
  • High level security
  • Software which provides reports for all formulas , input datas and detailed calculations to evaluate for all
  • calculations and outputs. The input & output values are perfectly cross checked with the EJMA - Bench mark calculations
  • Add New Materials and update material properies.
User friendly Alert Messages at various Conditions like
  • Movements
  • Vibrations
  • Spring Rate
  • Torque Transmitting
  • Stress Conditions
  • Cycle Life
  • Creep Range


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