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Customized ERP Solutions For Engineering Industries and Trading Mobile Applications, Online MLM Binary Solutions, CAD Automations Consultancy Services, Web Design Hosting and Maintenance Services.  
Retail and Consumer Goods  
Is the complete transaction entry interface of operates all aspects of entry and transaction completion with keyboard and scanner capabilities. Complete product search capabilities are also available that allow sales personal to scan through individual product items by either keyword search or category. While in product search mode, a summary of all other existing products are listed, allowing the user to have easy access to all necessary customer purchase information at all times. At any time during transaction entry, quantities, taxes, and customer information can be easily modified and enhanced.
Bar coding  
Available as an additional module for Barcode Management provides complete control over the addition, modification, and label creation of inventory barcodes.  
This is designed to maintain complete control over inventory, suppliers, database administration and full administration of all payment options and receipt options. A comprehensive inventory control and product supplier administration section, which monitors low levels of inventory items and creates re-transaction quantity reports, allows the user of a supplier to a product, and manages complete control of supplier invoices and inventory restocking adjustments organized by supplier.
Provides in-depth sales analysis and productivity charts. Allows for data export to database file formats allowing for easy reporting, analysis, and accounting package compatibility. Will also generate comprehensive sales analysis reports to include sales by product or product category, sales by hour, sales by payment type. Flexibility to define custom reports based on these categories gives management powerful visibility into their retail's day-to-day operations and end of day reconciliation and handles complete inventory level and supplier invoice reporting. These insightful reports provide valuable detail on not only product inventory, but also cost of goods.
Top rated back end database, based on Microsoft’s SQL Server and Oracle version 8.0.  
Fully capable of running on virtually any business PC, Workstation with full integration ability with all    leading.  
hardware providers  
Complete printer support configurations for easy creation of standard invoices and receipts.  

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