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Enterprise Asset Management System(EAM)  
Enterprise Asset Management attributes, such as specifications, maintenance history, requirement of spares, and performance of equipment can be tracked. As components of equipment are removed, refurbished and re-installed. Thus assessment of maintenance cost and life of the assets are tracked automatically.
All maintenance activities from the initiation of a work request to the closure of the work order can be done. This includes equipment inspection and problem reporting. Progress of work orders can be tracked in real time.
Down time activities are taken up as Priority Task, wherein the user can plan activities, their associated tasks and their attributes in the system.
The instances of the respective tasks and inspections are created along with every instance of shutdown. Planners need not remember the shutdown activities for shut down of equipment.
Inventory information can be configured specific to its criticality, use, location dependency and even order status are tracked dynamically. It keeps track of the history of rebuild able spare items every time they are installed, removed, or refurbished.
This system is integrated directly with the data from SCADA, PLC and DCS or any other RFId devices. If complaint of your system can be fed directly.
This system can analyze equipment data drawn from the data source of the respective equipment and the history from the databases of this system to enable you to proactively initiate maintenance schedule requests.
This product of VTC is a mileage gainer for the client and for us.

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