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E-School Software    
E-School Software is a complete School Product in which all the School operations are performed. Students can Register their details Online. We have Seperate Logins for Students,Teachers,Principal,Parent and Adminstration.
In Student's login the Students can view all his details in this login. For Example he can view his attendance report, his upcoming Exam Details, his Exam Results, can change his Password, view the School Events etc.
In Teacher's login the Teacher can view all about his works and he gets the full details of his students, he can mark the attendance for his students, he can prepare the mark details obtained by his students and submit the mark details to Principal and Admin.
In Princial login the principal who tooks care of this school can view all the details of the teachers and the students. He can send informations to both Students and Teachers in this Software.
In Parent's login the parent can view all the details about his child. The parent can view not only his child's position in his class but also the first rank holder in that class. The parent can view his ward's attendance status.
The Admin Login which performs all the Admin activities in this Sotware, The Admin has the connection with all the above logins. It can Add, View, Update and Delete Uploads, Events, Achievements etc.

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