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Data Acquisition and Monitoring Control Systems
Data acquisition and signal conditioning is the processing of multiple electrical or electronic inputs from devices such as sensors, timers, relays, and solid state circuits for the purpose of monitoring, analyzing and/or controlling systems and processes(PLCs). Major technologies and related instruments of signal generation and transmission include voltage and current signals (conditioned transducers), concentration measurement (high impedance probes), power signals from power supplies, temperature measurement (thermocouples), resistance, strain measurement (strain gauge bridges), excitation, angular position measurement (encoders), speed and flow measurement (count-timers) and digital signals. Major families of data acquisition and signal conditioning are: data acquisition (high level), signal converters, recorders and loggers, and signal conditioning. VTC has done extensive work in this area and had developed the system which is versatile and can be configured to any type of industry with a very short lead time for the protocols like.
Data Integration and Security  
Connectivity to Legacy Applications and Databases  
Office Workflow Process Automation  
Change Management  
Re-engineering and Optimization of Processes  
For instance, one of our packages for Hardness Testing of the heat treated metal component draws the data of Hardness value and Status from the hardness tester device. This system can monitor the shifts of work by User log-in and operator wise, Machine name, Stores wise product, Hardness parameter, Date wise, Component code wise.
Daily, Date wise, Stores Wise, Performance chart-period wise, Date wise Performance, Status Value Graph, Daily job Handled, Periodical Reports, Cp & CpK Values, Statistical Reports of X double Bar and X Bar charts for Cp & CpK.

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