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CADD Automation  

Bellows CADD Automation. (BCA 1.0)


Introduction 1.0


Bellows CADD Automation (BCA 1.0) is a software tool designed to assist any one can generating Drawing for metal bellows. Many companies use Computer-Aided Design & Drafting (CADD) systems to create design drawings. The ability to use CADD instead of manual drafting has significantly improved productivity of the design process. However, using CADD design simply to replace the manual drafting method is only a fraction of its potential as a design application. CADD essentially remains as an intelligent tool that performs drafting on the computer unless it is deployed in the Automation, which has implemented custom Design Automation solutions at multiple user level to increase their productivity, share design data with other applications, and reduce design errors and increase productivity. This package has been designed by VTPL through a great deal of survey, consultation, research and innovation in the areas of  Legacy Conversion, Drafting ,Assembly, Tolerance analysis, Interference checks Fabrication drawings and Bill of Material (BOM) generation.

Drawing Data Inputs Form 2.0  

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